Hello, my name is Jorge Olórtegui and I am JCO Productions. I officially formed JCO Productions in 2003 to give an identity to the film and TV industry work that I created as a cinematographer, editor and director. Long story short, I am Peruvian born, New York trained and currently reside in Los Angeles.

JCO Productions Cinematographer Jorge Olórtegui Director of Photography


I was originally born in Lima, Perú where I was raised throughout the 1980s. While growing up there I was influenced by Latin American culture as well as the entertainment industry from the United States, namely TV shows, music videos and Hollywood blockbusters.


While in Perú I was fortunate enough to attend a British school which allowed me an easier transition when I moved to Tampa, Florida where I lived and graduated from my high school’s International Baccalaureate program during the 1990s. It was during this time when I received my very first Hi 8 video camera. I subsequently spent most of my time capturing family events and creating my very own short movies.

I also became greatly involved in the TV production classes my school offered every year and eventually became the president of my high school’s TV Productions Club as well as the official Thespians Video Historian for our school’s theater program.

JCO Productions Jorge Olortegui Cinematography Editing


In the early 2000s I attended and graduated from film school at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. During my time there I discovered photography and I ended up concentrating in cinematography and editing while at the same time directing my own fair share of projects. Eventually I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and TV Production with a Minor in Psychology, another big interest of mine.

Perhaps one of the greatest learning experiences was attending the 35mm Cinematographer’s Workshop which was held at the FAMU film school in Prague, Czech Republic. There I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of composition and camera movement as we filmed our very own short films and also studied Czech cinema. Besides the Czech Republic I also had an opportunity later on to travel across and visit 6 other European nations: Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, France and Spain. Later on, in order to enhance my technical skills I also completed training as a camera assistant through the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600.

JCO Productions Jorge Olortegui Cinematography Editing


Ever since, I have been freelancing mainly in cinematography and editing while occasionally directing my own projects. On separate occasions I have served as a cinematographer, camera operator, camera assistant, gaffer, electric, grip or editor. I have worked on numerous music videos, commercials, industrials, documentaries,TV shows, web series, shorts and feature films. I have worked with such diverse clients as MTV, VH1, Fuse, CBS, Nickelodeon, Levi’s, McDonald’s, Machinima and Yahoo.

Most recently I relocated to Los Angeles (by traveling across the country) where I’m mainly pursuing a career as a cinematographer and camera operator in the film industry. Some of my favorite genres include drama, comedy, action, suspense and thrillers. Over time I have developed a style that emphasizes minimalism, practicality, efficiency and emotional honesty.

JCO Productions Jorge Olortegui Editor